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Zero Install EASY API

Ever wanted to create an API out of your WA number? You're in luck!

Open the terminal, and enter this:

> npx @open-wa/wa-automate

P.S you have to make sure you have node, npm, and npx installed on your system.

When you run the code, it will also give you a URL to an API explorer where you can play around with the various API endpoints with documentation.

You can see all the help text like so:

> npx @open-wa/wa-automate --help

You can set a custom port:

> npx @open-wa/wa-automate -p 8080

and an api key which will prevent unauthorized requests. This will result in a key being automatically generated for you:

> npx @open-wa/wa-automate -p 8080 -k

or you can set your own, I got the following secure key from

> npx @open-wa/wa-automate -p 8080 -k 'K6MEQJRV3trXMPZ5eQd1Jl8NaaaRZxqy'

You can easily force the program to maintain focus (--keep-alive or -a):

> npx @open-wa/wa-automate -p 8080 -k 'K6MEQJRV3trXMPZ5eQd1Jl8NaaaRZxqy' --keep-alive


> npx @open-wa/wa-automate -p 8080 -k 'K6MEQJRV3trXMPZ5eQd1Jl8NaaaRZxqy' --keep-alive

Restarting session

As of version 2.0.0 of this library, you can now provide session data as a base64 string. This is the default method goin forward and your .data.json files should have this string if you've run the program in version 2.0.0+.

There are 3 param tags that can be used to set session data -s, --session or --session-data - all work but make sure you wrap the string with double quotes " and NOT sinle quotes '.

> npx @open-wa/wa-automate -p 8080 -k 'K6MEQJRV3trXMPZ5eQd1Jl8NaaaRZxqy' --session-data "eyJXQUJyb...ifQ=="
> npx @open-wa/wa-automate -p 8080 -k 'K6MEQJRV3trXMPZ5eQd1Jl8NaaaRZxqy' --session "eyJXQUJyb...ifQ=="
> npx @open-wa/wa-automate -p 8080 -k 'K6MEQJRV3trXMPZ5eQd1Jl8NaaaRZxqy' -s "eyJXQUJyb...ifQ=="

Running on a server

If you're not running this on your localhost, you'll need to set the server hostname for the api-docs to work correctly.

> npx @open-wa/wa-automate -p 8080 --api-host ''


You can also set a webhook address to send all requests to. I like using to check and test events.

> npx @open-wa/wa-automate -w ''

Now if you go to:!/7a00ac21-60f2-411e-a571-515b37b2025a

you'll be able to see all the events come through.

If you do use this link please make sure to clear all of your requests for your privacy.

API Docs

By default, the CLI generates and serves a swagger api explorer at [host]/api-docs/

For example:

> npx @open-wa/wa-automate -w '' -p 8008

will server the api docs at


Postman collection

The CLI will also automatically generate a postman collection for your specific set up (including api keys, hostname, ports, etc.) which you can then easily import into postman.

Coming soon

Soon SDKs for most programming lanugages will be created using the CLI as a base 'server'. Check this issue for updates: #894