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Standard Installation

Run the following command to ensure you have wa-automate installed:

> npm install @open-wa/wa-automate

or using yarn:

> yarn add @open-wa/wa-automate

You can then add the library to your project:

import { create, Client, decryptMedia, ev } from '@open-wa/wa-automate';

CentOS Installation

Some people report CentOS causing problems when installing this library.

Try the following:

> npm install @open-wa/wa-automate --unsafe-perm

or if you come accros permission issues:

> sudo npm install @open-wa/wa-automate --unsafe-perm

Installation when primarily using Chrome

If you use chrome, by setting useChrome or executablePath then you don't need to install the whole of puppeteer (puppeteer installs a version of Chromium - not Chrome - by default).

If there are issues with installing the packages then try this:

> npm install @open-wa/wa-automate --ignore-scripts

Doing this saves time and memory.

Chrome issues on Linux based systems

Some people report issues with running the program using the built in puppeteer chromium package. Use this to install dependencies and install chrome. After doing the following command you can use Chrome by setting useChrome: true in the config or with the --use-chrome flag with the CLI.

> wget
> sudo apt install ./google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb