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Chatwoot integrations

you can directly integrate open-wa/wa-automate directly using the easy-api or docker

  • before you start you need to have below details from chatwoot

    chatwoot API URLit can be self-hosted or chatwoot hostedfor self-hosted http://localhost:3000 and can be for chatwoot hosted
    chatwoot access tokenyou can get it at the end of your chatwoot profile pagefor example 5lUC0KdzAl8iZO5aLsZHdx0i9rRix6qd
    optional full chatwoot API URLif you want to use an existing chatwoot inboxthe URL will look like this[account id]/inboxes/[inbox id]
  • if you want easy-api to automatically generate chatwoot inbox and configure it

    npx @open-wa/wa-automate -p [port number] -k "your easy-api API Key" --verbose --force-update-cw-webhook --chatwoot-url "" --chatwoot-api-access-token "your chatwoot access token"

  • if you wan't to use and already generated inbox which was created using the above command then you need to provide the full chatwoot API URL which has the account ID and inbox id details.

    npx @open-wa/wa-automate -p [port number] -k "your easy-api API Key" --verbose --force-update-cw-webhook --chatwoot-url "[account id]/inboxes/[inbox id]" --chatwoot-api-access-token "your chatwoot access token"