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Send Messages

Sending Messages

When sending a message, make sure to await the promise. It usually returns an id if the message was sent successfully.

Send a basic message


    await client.sendText(chatId, "Hello");

Send a message with mentions


    await client.sendTextWithMentions(chatId, "Hello");

Send a reply


    await client.reply(chatId, "Hello", idOfMessageToReplyTo);

    // set the fourth variable to true to set the chat to 'seen'
    await client.reply(chatId, "Hello", idOfMessageToReplyTo, true);

Send a reply with mentions


    await client.sendReplyWithMentions(chatId, "Hello", idOfMessageToReplyTo);

Forward Messages

To forward messages use forwardMessages with the following params:

  • chat to forward messages to : xxxxx@c.us
  • messages: a single or array of message ids or message objects
  • skipMyMessages: true or false, if true it will filter out messages sent by you from the list of messages, default false.
//forward multiple messages using an array of messageIds
await client.forwardMessages('xxxxx@c.us',[Array of Message Ids],true)

//forward single message by id
await client.forwardMessages('xxxxx@c.us,"messageId",true)