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Sending Files

Send Image


Make sure to use a DataURL for the second parameter.

    client.sendImage(chatId, dataUrl, 'filename.jpeg', 'cool caption')

    //send image as a reply to another message quotedMessageId
    client.sendImage(chatId, dataUrl, 'filename.jpeg', 'cool caption', quotedMessageId)

    //wait for the Id to be returned
    client.sendImage(chatId, dataUrl, 'filename.jpeg', 'cool caption', null, true)

Send Audio

sendPtt sends an audio clip as a 'push to talk' type file. This allows recipients to play the clip as they would any other voice note.

    client.sendFile(chatId, dataUrl)

    //Send the audio as reply to a message (quotedMessageId)
    client.sendFile(chatId, dataUrl, )quotedMessageId

Send File



    client.sendFile(chatId, dataUrl, 'file.pdf', 'check this pdf')

    //Send the file as reply to a message (quotedMessageId)
    client.sendFile(chatId, dataUrl, 'file.pdf', 'check this pdf', quotedMessageId)

    //Send a file and wait for the message id to be returned
    client.sendFile(chatId, dataUrl, 'file.pdf', 'check this pdf', null, true)

    //or from URL
    client.sendFileFromUrl(chatId, url);

Send Stickers



    client.sendImageAsSticker(chatId, dataUrl);

    //or from a URL
    client.sendStickerfromUrl(chatId, url);

Sending Gifs

There are two ways to send GIFs - by Video or by giphy link.

WA doesn't actually support the .gif format - probably due to how inefficient it is as a filetype - they instead convert GIFs to video then process them.

In order to send gifs you need to do the same (convert the gif to an mp4 file) then use sendVideoAsGif

sendGiphy is a convenience method to make it easier to send gifs from the website GIPHY. You need to make sure you use a giphy media link as shown below.

import { create, Client} from '@open-wa/wa-automate';

function start(client: Client) {
await client.sendVideoAsGif('xyz@c.us','Video FILE DATA URL','some file.mp4', `Hello this is the caption`);

//or send via Giphy URL

await client.sendGiphy('xyz@c.us','https://media.giphy.com/media/oYtVHSxngR3lC/giphy.gif', `Hello this is the caption`);

///IMPORTANT! Please make sure to point to your chrome installation and make sure your host has ffmpeg support
  // For Mac:
  executablePath: '/Applications/Google Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google Chrome',
  // For Windows:
  // executablePath: 'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe',
}).then(client => start(client));