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Module api/model/reactions


Type aliases


Reaction: { aggregateEmoji: string; hasReactionByMe: boolean; id: string; senders: ReactionRecord[] }

A reaction is identified the specific emoji.

Type declaration

  • aggregateEmoji: string

    The aggregate emoji used for the reaction.

  • hasReactionByMe: boolean

    If the reaction is also sent by the host account

  • id: string

    The identifier of the reaction

  • senders: ReactionRecord[]

    The senders of this spefcific reaction


ReactionEvent: { message: Message; reactionByMe: Reaction; reactions: Reaction[]; type: "add" | "change" }

Emitted by onReaction

Type declaration

  • message: Message

    The message being reacted to

  • reactionByMe: Reaction

    The reaction sent by the host account

  • reactions: Reaction[]

    An array of all reactions

  • type: "add" | "change"

    The type of the reaction event.


ReactionRecord: { ack: MessageAck; id: string; msgKey: string; orphan: number; parentMsgKey: string; reactionText: string; read: boolean; senderUserJid: ContactId; timestamp: number }

The specific reaction by a user

Type declaration

  • ack: MessageAck

    The acknowledgement of the reaction

  • id: string

    The ID of the reaction

  • msgKey: string
  • orphan: number
  • parentMsgKey: string
  • reactionText: string

    The text of the reaction

  • read: boolean

    If the reaction has been read

  • senderUserJid: ContactId

    The ID of the reaction sender

  • timestamp: number

    The timestamp of the reaction