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Interface HealthCheck


  • HealthCheck



Optional batteryLow

batteryLow: boolean

Returns true if "Phone battery low" message is detected

Healthy: false

Optional isHere

isHere: boolean

Returns true if "Use Here" button is not detected

Healthy: true

Optional isPhoneDisconnected

isPhoneDisconnected: boolean

Whether or not the "Phone is disconnected" message is showing within the web app.

Healthy: false

Optional online

online: boolean

Result of window.navigator.onLine

Healthy: true

Optional queuedMessages

queuedMessages: number

The number of messages queued up in the browser. Messages can start being queued up due to the web app awaiting a connection with the host device.

Healthy: 0

Optional retryingIn

retryingIn: number

Returns the number of seconds the "Retrying in ..." dialog is indicating. If the dialog is not showing, it will return 0.

Healthy: 0

Optional state

state: STATE

The state of the web app.

Healthy: 'CONNECTED'

Optional tryingToReachPhone

tryingToReachPhone: boolean

Returns true if "trying to reach phone" dialog is detected

Healthy: false

Optional wapiInjected

wapiInjected: boolean

Returns true if the WAPI object is detected.

Healthy: true