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Type alias: Mp4StickerConversionProcessOptions


Ƭ Mp4StickerConversionProcessOptions: Object

Type declaration

crop?booleanCentres and crops the video. default true
endTime?stringThe video end time of the sticker. By default, stickers are made from the first 5 seconds of the video Default 00:00:05.0
fps?numberDesired Frames per second of the sticker output Default 10
log?booleanPrints ffmpeg logs in the terminal Default false
loop?numberThe amount of times the video loops in the sticker. To save processing time, leave this as 0 default 0
square?numberA number representing the WxH of the output sticker (default 512x512). Lowering this number is a great way to process longer duration stickers. The max value is 512. default 512
startTime?stringThe video start time of the sticker Default 00:00:00.0