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Interface: CustomProduct




currency: string

The ISO 4217 3 letter currency code. E.g (Swedish krona) SEK


description: string

The description of the product. This shows right under the price so it is useful for subscriptions/rentals. E.g:

(per day)\n\nCome and have a fantastic sailing adventure aboard our boat. \nShe is a Bavaria 35 sports cruiser and is powered by 2 economical Volvo D6’s with Bravo 2 outdrives as well as a bow thruster. This Makes maneuvering very easy. She can accommodate up to 8 people for day charters and for overnight charters she can accommodate 4 in comfort in 2 cabins.


name: string

The main title of the product. E.g: BAVARIA — 35 SPORTS CRUISER (2006)


priceAmount1000: number

The price amount multiplied by 1000. For example, for something costing 825 units of currency: 825000


Optional url: string

The URL of the product.

NOTE: At the moment, the URL DOES NOT WORK. It shows up for the recipient but they will not be able to click it. As a rememdy, it is added as a reply to the product message.